The eBay Effect

May 28, 2014   //   by David   //   Blog, Information Security  //  No Comments

Everyone will have heard about the problems at eBay and there is little to be gained by going over it but one point that is probably worth mentioning is the use of the same password for multiple sites.

The danger of your password being found by hackers is more than just the site they have compromised.  How many people use the same password across multiple sites?  Often with a login of your email address?  So if a hacker gets that combination then they can happily try lots of other common sites to see if you are on there. Go on, admit it, you use the same login for eBay, Amazon and probably your email as well don’t you?

I know we all now have so many on line presences and so a subsequent number of logins and passwords that many folk simply feel it is easier to take the risk of using the same one many times rather than the risk of never remembering one!

There are many sites offering good advice on how to get around this, but this is probably one of the easiest: