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As if flu wasn’t dangerous enough!

May 2, 2013   //   by David   //   Blog, Pandemics  //  No Comments

Don’t you just love scientists??  This article from the Independent newspaper in the UK shows how a team of scientists have tried to create a human to human transmissible virus….

Taiwan Reports First Case and WHO give views

Apr 24, 2013   //   by David   //   Blog, Pandemics  //  No Comments

Taiwan has reported their first case of H7N9 in someone who has returned from China.  At the moment he does not seem to have had contact with fowl but investigations are still ongoing.

The BBC have the details here:

What is slightly concerning is that this variant seems to spread more easily than others from fowl to human which might explain why those who appear to not have had regular contact might be catching it.

The numbers in China seem to be slowing which may be because they have closed markets but may also be related to the weather becoming warmer.

As yet there is still no evidence of actual human to human transmission and the numbers remain low, so there is no evidence that a pandemic is approaching.


Bird Flu at Norfolk (England) farm

Apr 18, 2013   //   by David   //   Blog, Pandemics  //  No Comments

Well known fowl supply firm Bernard Mathews has reported an outbreak of bird flu at a farm in the east of England.

At the moment the strains don’t seems to be the H5 or H7 types which are a threat to humans.  Government inspectors are carrying out tests but for now there seems to be no risk.

The BBC website has the full story at this link: