Here are some of the questions I think organisations need to answer for staff during a pandemic.



HR Questions on Virus Pandemics:

Q1. Schools have shut and I need to stay at home to care for my children.  Will I be paid? Do I take holidays or will I get unpaid leave?

Q2. My elderly parents have the virus and I need time off to care for them.  I have no holidays left, will I be paid or given unpaid leave?

Q3. I do not want to take public transport to get to work.  Can I stay at home and will I be paid?

Q4.  My children were exposed to the virus at school before it shut, they are not sick yet but I want to stay at home to monitor them.  Can I do this and will I be paid?

Q5.  A near relative has died from the virus, can I have paid leave to make the funeral arrangements?

Q6.  I have been told I am a key worker and should report to the office but I feel this puts me at risk.  Can I refuse to come to work and what will be the consequences?

Q7.  My partner has the virus but I do not, should I come to work?

Q8.  If I self-isolate at home will I still be expected to work?  Will I be paid if I can’t work from home?

Q9.  Is self-isolation sick leave?

Q10.  If I am expected to come to work and that is a risk to me, will I be paid extra?

Q11.  Will the company provide extra medical help for me?  For my family?

Q12.  Other staff are being allowed to stay at home but I have to work.  Will I be paid a bonus?

Q13.  I have annual leave booked and then the office shut.  Is my time off going to come off my leave?

Q14. I have been designated a key worker and don’t want to use public transport.  Will you provide transport for me?

Q15 I am pregnant, is that a risk and what will you do to protect me?